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Shree Gurukulam
Shree Gurukulam
Shree Gurukulam
Welcome all

We are happy to say that we are providing knowledge to students through smart class in an innovative way. At present our school has 15 smart class with a knowledge center for staff. Let us know about smart class and it uses.

How smart class is helpful to students:

In smart class the Students can view the modules in the screen viewing the modules through the screen make the student to concentrate more. Eg: Science

When they learn through books, they learn the experiment as it is written in the text but using smart class they can see what and how the reaction takes place. It makes them to remember easily when they recall.

How we Train Our staff:

iconOur staff are specially trained every four months for their smartclass by the Educomp managers,     the company has provided a Co-ordinator to help the staff clear their doubts in using smartclass.
iconBefore taking class, each subject. Staff should go to the knowledge center to prepare themselves     for taking class through smartclass. This reduces the time compared to books or any hardcopy.
iconBy doing so the staff are well versed in computer knowledge and subject knowledge and they find     it easy to make the students understand better.


Smartclass has lots of technology and software’s. Like SAS Device.

SAS Device:

SAS is a device to conduct test for the students using remotes through educomp smartclass. The students can click their options with the remotes given to them individually and they can know their marks and mistakes immediately after the test.

Software we have:

iconMimioStudio Notebook
iconCrocodile Chemistry
iconCrocodile Physics
iconCrocodile Technology
iconCrocodile ICT

Shree Gurukulam

Shree Gurukulam

Shree Gurukulam