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Shree Gurukulam
Shree Gurukulam
Shree Gurukulam

Our Ultimate goal is to impart quality eductaion to (y) our children. We show the righteous path and channelize your children. Hold your child's hand and walk with utmost happiness and contention.

Shree Gurukulam

Shree Gurukulam
Dr.K.R.Rangaraj (Principal)
Shree Gurukulam

"The destiny of India is being shaped in its classrooms." With an aim to impart quality education in our classrooms, Shree Gurukulam Educational Trust established this School on 10.06.2005.

The vision of Shree Gurukulam Higher Secondary School is to bring out the latent talents in our children and prepare them to face the competitive world of tomorrow. Their all-round development has to be ensured by honing their creative and cognitive skills.

Our Trust is guided by well - experienced educationalists and our school is managed by qualified and dedicated teachers.

I strongly believe that the children of Shree Gurukulam Higher Secondary will continue to experience rewarding moments in their School life. I welcome you whole heartedly to share this joyful experience in the years to come.

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